One Wallet to Rull them All

Rull is a web3 multi-tool but the feature that ties all of our work together is undoubtedly our wallet. Traditional finance is failing. Rampant inflation, insensible regulation and the banks are stifling your money. Cryptocurrencies are a way out of the mess.



Rull is a non-custodial wallet which allows for seamless purchases, transfers and sales of 4 cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT, ETH and ADA. We're planning on expanding the portfolio in the very near future, and we will always uphold your rights to utilize your assets independently and freely.


02Ease of use

Rull allows you to purchase crypto with a simple card payment. We believe in breaking up user barriers, and we'll continue to expand on our user-friendly features.


03Securing Rull

Our platform is all about independence. And financial independence is hard to maintain if you can't be sure about privacy and security.


Naturally, we equipped Rull with the best security we could find. We maintain that a platform can be both open and safe for users. Seed phrase login, AML solutions via KYC and top-notch encryption were a must from the start.


We are guided by industry best practice. In-app biometric authentication, hot & cold storage ecosystem, cash covered assets, and constant security development are a must. Safe to say your money is safe with us. And only yours to use.

Start exploring and collecting with Rull


We’re changing the course of history by building an immersive blockchain world. Reestablishing the law of ownership through Web3 ecosystems. Empowering creators & users to take control over their wealth & be free.